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Online Blackjack
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Learn about Unique Online Blackjack Variations

Classic Blackjack is a game of the past. New and exciting blackjack variations await you at Casino.com. Play them all today!

An Introduction to Online Blackjack Variations

There are many different online blackjack games available at our online casino. We’d like to introduce you to a two of the most popular variations, Blackjack Switch and Blackjack Surrender.

Blackjack Switch

With Blackjack Switch, you have the greatest chance at winning big every time you play. This fresh take at blackjack helps you rack in some big rewards. Play this game and you'll find out first hand that playing Blackjack Switch requires you to hold on tight with both hands. As you play the game, you can press "switch" and change the cards the dealer gave you. For the first time in the history of blackjack the rules are designed so you have two hands and twice the chance of being the winner.

You might be looking for the catch, but the catch is that there is no catch. For Blackjack Switch you play both your hands simultaneously and bet an equal amount on each hand. After everyone has bet, you can "switch" before moving on with each hand. One of the great parts of this game is its flexibility. If you change your mind and don’t want to switch your hands, you can always switch them back! This allows you to figure out what combination creates the two best hands for you.

Blackjack Surrender

Sometimes life makes you want to trade in your cards for someone new ones, and with Casino.com’s Blackjack Surrender, you can!

In this game, when you are dealt a hand of cards, you can "surrender" them for two brand new ones. When you play Blackjack Surrender you can make money whether you play alone or with friends with our multiplayer mode. Not only that, but you can also play one or as many as five hands at a time and can surrender any card you'd like for a brand new one.

And There Are Loads More!

Other online blackjack games you’ll want to learn more about include 21 Duel Blackjack, Pontoon, and more. Check them all out today! 

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